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At the same time, new models of contractual use are developing where static contractual relations is giving way to dynamic subscription and other related models. For instance, in transport, car ownership is increasingly having to compete with new models of rental and access services. These models will also require a new cadre of contractual services which are focused on practical contractual terms. The combination of these trends opens an opportunity for the development of smart contract-based services which help co-ordinate and make more efficient the development, use, maintenance and service of legal relationships. Services which span across traditional boundaries of legal and services are providing distributed informed solutions to make these processes better co-ordinated, secure and more efficient and provide platforms for new models of use. We are particularly interested in solutions that leverage open and shared data to:

  • Help ensure the integrity of interactions within smart contracts;
  • Integrate data of different modalities (sensors, legal data, historical records, event triggers) to produce useful services and establish new types of relationships;
  • Use legal data to predict contract change needs and create more efficient servicing and legal services;
  • Predict and help optimise contract usage and parties satisfaction level, including in multi-stakeholder scenarios.

The concept proposed by Altantis Blockchain Explorer is focused on the development of a mobile app for Android and iOS, considering the following features:

  • Creation of a marketplace for smart contracts (valid for buy and sell contracts, for instance);
  • A chat interface so that all parties involved can have the chance to discuss, negotiate and develop the digital contracts on the Blockchain;
  • Digital arbitration within smart contracts;
  • Using Artificial Intelligence for the ranking of contractors, service providers, mediators, and parametric legal contracts' models.

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