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Aerospace Digital Process

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Kaytek Platform is a process digitalization solution, mainly targeting manufacturing, quality, supply chain and maintenance. The platform uses blockchain, IoT, Big Data and Artificial intelligence at its core. The platform allows the client to define the processes and deploy them automatically to the mobility devices, machines, quality IoT devices and other elements that intervene in production. The definition of the processes are developed and defined on blockchain Smart contracts (Hyperledger fabric), guaranteeing that the process is executed following the defined specifications. When a process is deployed, the production is executed the way it is defined and all the operations are saved on the blockchain, obtaining a complete traceability. Thanks to this, a “digital certification” of each operation can be obtained, achieving the complete removal of paper. The information is available on the blockchain, allowing for the manufacturer the digital access to it, reliable and in real time. It has found direct saving of up to 33%, allowing Idec to be more competitive.

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Scope and objectives Give to the project a transsectorial utility of the Blockchain technology, giving a great opportunity to industrial companies to protect the Intellectual Property in a digital way; it is a good example coming from the aerospace sector, with a high level in requirements of quality and certifications, safety and security.
Idec Aero

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