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Blockchain for Intellectual Property Protection
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Blockchain for Intellectual Property Protection

Proof of concept

The company is protecting the Intellectual Property generated inside, through a platform who offers total trazability and security for protecting all the results and knowledge created inside the company. The knowledge generated inside the company is not to be used to be patented son it was difficult to protect the knowledge by digital tools. With the blockchain technology, a third expert company can help industrial companies not ICTs experts, to help to protect the Intellectual Property in a digital way, giving trazability and security, and protecting against copies, destruction and other dangers.

Sectors aeronauticsmanufacturing
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Scope and objectives To give the project a transsectorial utility of the Blockchain technology, giving a great opportunity to industrial companies to protect the Intellectual Property in a digital way; it is a good example coming from the aerospace sector, with a high level in requirements of quality and certifications, safety and security.

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ITP Aero
ITP Aero
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The main objective is to contribute to the digital transformation of companies from southwestern Europe and to improve their competitiveness through the use of Blockchain technology in organisations' development of Industry 4.0 by means of the provision of information, counselling and interaction services between developers and users.