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Mondragon Corporación Manufacturing Project

Mondragon Corporación Manufacturing Project

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This project analyses the challenges along the industrial value chain of companies that belong to the Mondragon Corporation industrial group. In particular, this project focuses on how advanced manufacturing services are being incorporated as an integral part of traditional manufacturing operations. It is becoming increasingly common for manufacturing companies that produce industrial goods to complement this traditional business with services such as advanced maintenance or logistics. The introduction of IoT industrial platforms pave the way to the availability of real-time information from the manufacturing operations that enable the provision of services. In this context, Blockchain enables the protection and immutability of specific data related to warrant.

This project focuses into the industrial setting and how blockchain technology is used in manufacturing to exploit novel services and business models. The main objective is the research and development of a scalable Blockchain infrastructure for advanced manufacturing environments, which enables reliable services based on smart contracts (private and auditable by third parties) for monitoring, traceability and reporting of the machine operating conditions, production quality parameters and maintenance operations of the production lines.

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Scope and objectives There are several links with Block4Coop: the use of immutable database based on Blockchain, the application of smart contracts, the need for a digital Identity, and finally the establishment of a decentralised set of assets digitally connected.
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Fagor Arrasate
Fagor Arrasate
Poligono Industrial Ugaldeguren II, P9 IV, 48170 Zamudio
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Driving and implementing BLOCK CHAIN technology in the development of Industry 4.0

The main objective is to contribute to the digital transformation of companies from southwestern Europe and to improve their competitiveness through the use of Blockchain technology in organisations' development of Industry 4.0 by means of the provision of information, counselling and interaction services between developers and users.