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Fondation Veolia



2018 - 2019
Recent deployment

Ptwist is a H2020 European project, whose goal is to reduce plastic waste, and promote circular economy on plastic assets. As such, used plastics are re-entering the consumption system (for instance through fablabs who melt the plastic, or artists who will repurpose the plastic for other uses. This circular economy, in which the citizen plays a central role as he is both a plastic provider (used bottles etc.) and a repurposed plastic user (buys the repurposed objects). For this to take place, PTwist offers a marketplace on which plastic can be sold and bought with PTwist currency, the Plastic Tokens. These tokens are relying on a blockchain and support ERC20 features, and can also be used thought a mobile phone wallet app.

Sectors environmentfinanceservices
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Main partner
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Thessaloniki 541 24, Greece
BLOCK4COOP partner

About Block4coop
Driving and implementing BLOCK CHAIN technology in the development of Industry 4.0

The main objective is to contribute to the digital transformation of companies from southwestern Europe and to improve their competitiveness through the use of Blockchain technology in organisations' development of Industry 4.0 by means of the provision of information, counselling and interaction services between developers and users.