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Renaissance Project

Renaissance Project

2019 - 2022
Proof of concept

Renaissance project is an EU Innovation Action (IA) which aim is to deliver a community-driven scalable and replicable approach, to implement new business models and technologies supporting clean production and shared distribution of energy in local communities. The resulting scenarios will support the co-design of the ReEnergise tool, which will help identifying the optimal configuration for an integrated and decarbonised Local Energy Systems (LES). The tool will be tested in each Pilot Site and followed by a financial viability assessment. Thereafter an innovative platform for integrated management and value delivery across all actors will be implemented and interoperability realised. In the last phase, the RENAISSANCE approach will be simulated under market conditions connecting 10 sites across the globe, to demonstrate its scalability and replicability.

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Scope and objectives Based on a secure, interoperable and scalable blockchain architecture the RENAISSANCE platform will be developed to interconnect all existing demonstrators’ energy vectors into a unique decentralized multi-vector energy services market where consumers/prosumers will interact and perform financial actions defined by smart contracts, which limits are established in real time. The platform will regulate the energy service trade market dynamically and transparently ensuring effective operations at minimum cost. At the end of this phase, the set of solutions provided will be used to simulate additional scenarios of energy interactions and help identifying those barriers hindering energy island potentials.
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